Cables and pipes seals

2022-09-24 12:20:02

Cables and pipes seals are used for sealing and sealing between various cables and pipes. The products are made of high-quality imported raw materials, with anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, fire resistance and other characteristics. It can be used in various environments, and is also suitable for empty pipe blocking, pipe blocking (galvanized pipe, PVC pipe, PE pipe and other pipes) and various cable blocking (power cables, communication pipes, etc.) of various materials. cable).

Products are used in urban power cable construction, communication cable construction, residential power cable pipeline sealing protection, solar power generation facilities cable protection, thermal power stations, offshore ships, oil drilling platforms, polar scientific research stations, satellite communication facilities, etc.

The cables and pipes seals has high sealing performance, long service life, can be reused, and is easy to disassemble, which is conducive to maintenance and repair. Compared with cement and fireproof mud sealing, the operation is simple and convenient, and the overall appearance is beautiful and concise after installation. There will be no water leakage caused by cracking and hardening of cement and fireproof mud, and the construction is difficult to block and not in place.

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Owned factory equipment production, the maximum monthly production capacity is currently 200,000 sets, to meet various sealing needs, long-term stable supply, high quality and good price.



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