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2022-09-24 23:25:00

In more and more Hollywood movies, not only the people who are brilliant, but also more and more such settings, more and more diversified, and more audiences like them. Today, I would like to share with you some of the "cute pets" that have been harvested by many fans in Hollywood movies and TV plays.

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1、 Little Yellow Man

Little Yellow Man is from the global movie "The Thief Daddy". Once he appeared, it is no exaggeration to say that he "shocked" the world and gained a large number of fans, regardless of age and gender.

First, let's introduce the "ingredients" of Little Yellow Man. They are capsule like creatures composed of two cups of banana puree, mutant DNA and fatty acids.

There are more than 899 little yellow people, including 12 main characters. Their names are Dave, Stewart, Tim, Mark, Phil, Jerry, George, Kevin, Jon, Bob, Carl and Mel.

The little yellow people in the play are not only cute, but also easy to make trouble and save people. They are the best assistants of Gru. Without their help, Gru can't do every big thing he does!

He is also the bodyguard and nanny of the three girls. He plays and lives together. He is an inseparable friend and family.

They also have amazing language talents.

When I was chasing an ice cream truck, I shouted: Galato, which means "ice cream", and Ti amo (I love you) in Italian.

Hayaku, Japanese, means hurry.

S í (yes), Para t ú (for you), Gracias (thank you) are in Spanish.

Fai di la, which means Cantonese (hurry up), and I'm sorry.

I have to say that the founder also took great pains to win the hearts of global fans with the language of various countries. I have to say that he succeeded. Once the film was broadcasted, he not only gained a large number of fans, but also the sales of surrounding goods rose in a straight line, a complete victory!

In the original comic book, the Phantom Eater (named Gus in the movie), Gus has been an ordinary pet cat for eight years. When Captain Marvel met the Galactic Guard in the universe, the Raccoon Rocket recognized at a glance that Captain Marvel's pet for eight years was not an ordinary cat, but a Phantom Eater that everyone feared.

The yuan eater can lay hundreds of eggs at a time, with tentacles sticking out of its mouth, and a stomach bag that can be called the connection of different dimensions. It can swallow everything and spit out again when it is not needed.

The prototype of the original cartoon

The eyes of the director of the Divine Shield Bureau were also scratched by Gus. In many films of the Avenger Alliance, the director wore an eye mask. Yes, it is the credit of the Yuan devouring beast, and the scratched eyes cannot be recovered, because the damage caused by the Yuan devouring beast to human beings is incurable.

Gus should hate the rocket most. After all, the rocket proposed to sell Gus on the black market, because it is too rare in the whole universe to be a dollar eater, which can sell for an amazing price.

Do you like the kitten with amazing strength but harmless appearance? Dare you like it?

3、 Tree People (Grote)

Yes, there is only one line "I'm Groot" (I'm Groot), which is an indispensable part of Marvel universe. First, let's briefly introduce the origin of Groot.

But Grute is an accident, kind-hearted and peace hungry Grute is incompatible with other tree people on the planet.

Although they are tree people, the "ingredients" are trees and woods, but they are not afraid of fire. As long as they are not burned into powder, as long as a small part of the body is not dead, they can revive. They can stretch their limbs at will to protect their families.

Grute first appeared in Marvel's movie "Guardians of the Galaxy". I have to say that Marvel's imagination is really good, and he has been popular with many fans since his launch.

The grumpy Raccoon Rocket was very resistant to him at the beginning, and hated him. No matter what others said, he always responded to I'm Groot. After spending some time in the space prison, he became the best friend of the Rocket and was also a family member. He could understand the meaning of every I'm Groot he said.

At the end of the first film, Grut sacrificed himself to protect everyone. When he thought he would lose him, a little Grut appeared in the egg at the end. He liked listening to music and swayed his body with music. How could he bear to let him die? The lovely Grunt continued to play cute in the follow-up films, continued to protect his family and the universe.

4、 Yoda Baby - Gloco

Yoda Baby Glogo is a character in the Star Wars series. Who wouldn't like a 50 year old baby when it appears in the American TV series Mandalorians?

Grogue was born 41 years before the Battle of Yavin. He is of the same race as Jedi Masters Yadl and Yoda, both of whom have strong accomplishments in the Force and live a long life.

Shortly after his birth, Grogor was adopted in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Although Grogor was 50 years old, he was still a baby in his race.

Group photo of Yoda baby and director

He was trained in the Force by many masters in the Jedi Temple. As a member of the Yoda race, Grogo's Force was extremely powerful. When the Clone Wars was coming to an end, Palpatine seized power, and Grogo was hidden from the Jedi, forced to hide his Force to survive. watch more Find Movies and TV Series Online read more

With a small figure, sharp ears and big rolling eyes, bounty hunter Ding Jialin sent him to look for Grogo. During the search, Ding Jialin became more and more fond of the 50 year old baby, and Grogo also relied on Ding Jialin, who once helped Ding Jialin.

In other movies, there are many such types of takeout that look very cute and harmless, but their strength cannot be underestimated. I will not count them one by one. Which baby do you like to share this time? You are welcome to leave a message below. You can also follow the author and share articles about film and television entertainment from time to time. We hope to communicate and discuss with each other.



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